FortiAI can be added to the Security Fabric so it appears in the topology views and the dashboard widgets.

To add FortiAI to the Security Fabric in the GUI:
  1. Enable the Security Fabric and configure the interface to allow other Security Fabric devices to join (see Configuring the root FortiGate and downstream FortiGates).

  2. Install the FortiAI appliance and activate the product with a valid license (see Registering products in the Asset Management Guide). A license file is provided after the product is registered.

  3. In FortiAI, go to System > FortiGuard and verify that the pre-trained models (engines) are up to date. Refer to the FortiGuard website for the latest FortiAI ANN versions.

  4. Configure and authorize the FortiGate in the FortiAI GUI to join the Security Fabric:
    1. Go to