Security rating

The security rating uses real-time monitoring to analyze your Security Fabric deployment, identify potential vulnerabilities, highlight best practices that can be used to improve the security and performance of your network, and calculate Security Fabric scores.

To view the security rating, go to Security Fabric > Security Rating on the root FortiGate.

The Security Rating page is separated into three major scorecards: Security Posture, Fabric Coverage, and Optimization, which provide an executive summary of the three largest areas of security focus in the Security Fabric.

The scorecards show an overall letter grade and breakdown of the performance in sub-categories. Clicking a scorecard drills down to a detailed report of itemized results and compliance recommendations. The point score represents the net score for all passed and failed items in that area. In the drill down report, hover the cursor over a score to view the calculation breakdown.

The report includes the security controls that were tested against, linking to specific FSBP or PCI compliance policies. Click the FSBP and PCI buttons to reference the corresponding standard. Users can search or filter the report results. If there is a failed check on the scorecard, there is a link in the Recommendations section that takes you to the page to resolve the problem.

Certain remediations marked with an EZ symbol represent configuration recommendations that support Easy Apply. In the panel on the right, in the Recommendations section, click Apply to apply the changes to resolve the failed secu