DHCP monitor

The DHCP monitor shows all the addresses leased out by FortiGate's DHCP servers. You can use the monitor to revoke an address for a device, or create, edit, and delete address reservations.

To view the DHCP monitor:
  1. Go to Dashboard > Network.
  2. Hover over the DHCP widget, and click Expand to Full Screen.

To filter or configure a column in the table, hover over the column heading and click Filter/Configure Column.

To revoke a lease:
  1. Select a device in the table.
  2. In the toolbar, click Revoke, or right-click the device, and click Revoke Lease(s). The Confirm page is displayed.
  3. Click OK.

A confirmation window opens only if there is an associated address reservation. If there is no address, the lease will be removed immediately upon clicking Revoke.

To create a DHCP reservation:
  1. Select a server in the table.
  2. In the toolbar, click Reservation, or right-click the device and click Create DHCP Reservation. The Create New DHCP Reservation page is displayed.
  3. Configure the DHCP reservation settings.