Troubleshooting high CPU usage

Connection-related problems may occur when FortiGate's CPU resources are over extended. This occurs when you deploy too many FortiOS features at the same time.

Examples of CPU intensive features:
  • VPN high-level encryption
  • Intensive scanning of all traffic
  • Logging all traffic and packets
  • Dashboard widgets that frequently perform data updates

For information on customizing the CPU use threshold, see Execute a CLI script based on CPU and memory thresholds.

Determining the current level of CPU usage

You can view CPU usage levels in the GUI or CLI. For precise usage values for both overall usage and specific processes, use the CLI.

To view CPU usage in the GUI:

Go to Dashboard > Status. Real-time CPU usage information is located in the CPU widget.

To view CPU usage in the CLI:
  • Show top processes information:

    diagnose sys top

  • Show top threads information:

    diagnose sys top-all

Sample output:

Run Time: 86 days, 0 hours and 10 minutes

0U, 0N, 0S, 100I, 0WA, 0HI, 0SI, 0ST; 3040T, 2437F

bcm.user 93 S < 3.1 0.4

httpsd 18922 S 1.5 0.5