Oracle Kubernetes (OKE) SDN connector using certificates

OCI SDN connectors support dynamic address groups based on Oracle Kubernetes (OKE) filters.

To enable an OCI SDN connector to fetch IP addresses from Oracle Kubernetes:
  1. Configure the OCI SDN connector:
    1. Go to Security Fabric > External Connectors.
    2. Click Create New, and select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
    3. Configure as shown substituting the region, tenant and client IDs, and client secret for your deployment. The update interval is in seconds.

      Screenshot of SDN connector configuration for Azure AKS

  2. Create dynamic firewall addresses for the configured SDN connector with supported Kubernetes filter:
    1. Go to Policy & Objects > Addresses.
    2. Click Create New, then select Address.
    3. In the Filter field, select the desired filters. The following filters are supported:




      Name of K