IPsec VPN wizard hub-and-spoke ADVPN support

When using the IPsec VPN wizard to create a hub and spoke VPN, multiple local interfaces can be selected. At the end of the wizard, changes can be reviewed, real-time updates can be made to the local address group and tunnel interface, and easy configuration keys can be copied for configuring the spokes.

When editing a VPN tunnel, the Hub & Spoke Topology section provides access to the easy configuration keys for the spokes, and allows you to add more spokes.

This example shows the configuration of a hub with two spokes.

To configure the hub:
  1. Go to VPN > IPsec Wizard.
  2. Go through the steps of the wizard:
    1. VPN Setup:



      Template Type




    2. Authentication:

      Incoming Interface


      Authentication method

      Pre-shared Key