Add weight setting on each link health monitor server

Prior to FortiOS 7.0.1, the link health monitor is determined to be dead when all servers are unreachable. Starting in 7.0.1, the link health monitor can configure multiple servers and allow each server to have its own weight setting. When the link health monitor is down, it will trigger static route updates and cascade interface updates if the weight of all dead servers exceeds the monitor's fail weight threshold.

config system link-monitor
    edit <name>
        set srcintf <interface>
        set server-config {default | individual}
        set fail-weight <integer>
        config server-list
            edit <id>
                set dst <address>
                set weight <integer>


Set the server configuration mode:

  • default: all servers share the same attributes.

  • individual: some attributes can be specified for individual servers.

fail-weight <integer>

Threshold weight to trigger link failure alert (0 - 255, default = 0).


Configure the servers to be monitored by the link monitor.

dst <address>

Enter the IP address of the server to be monitored.