Clients by FortiAP monitor

The Clients by FortiAP monitor allows you to view detailed information about the health of individual WiFi connections in the network. It also provides access to tools to diagnose and analyze connected wireless devices.

To view the Clients by FortiAP monitor:
  1. Go to Dashboard > WiFi.
  2. Hover over the Clients by FortiAP widget, and click Expand to Full Screen. The Clients by FortiAP monitor opens.
  3. (Optional) Click Save as Monitor to save the widget as monitor.

To view the summary page for a wireless client:
  1. Right-click a client in the table and select Diagnostics and Tools. The Diagnostics and Tools - <device> page is displayed.

    Clients by FortiAP summary

  2. (Optional) Click Quarantine to quarantine the client,
  3. (Optional) Click Disassociate to disassociate the client.

Health status

The Status section displays the overall health for the wireless connection. The overall health of the connection is:

  • Good if the value range for all three conditions are Good
  • Fair or poor if one of the three conditions is Fair or Poor respectively.