Troubleshooting and diagnosis

This section contains some common scenarios for FortiTokens troubleshooting and diagnosis:

FortiToken Statuses

When troubleshooting FortiToken issues, it is important to understand different FortiToken statuses. FortiToken status may be retrieved either from the CLI or the GUI, with a slightly different naming convention.

Before you begin, verify that the FortiGate has Internet connectivity and is also connected to both the FortiGuard and registration servers:

# execute ping

# execute ping

# execute ping


The server is the Fortinet Anycast server added in FortiOS 6.4.2.

If there are connectivity issues, retrieving FortiToken statuses or performing FortiToken activation could fail. Therefore, troubleshoot connectivity issues before continuing.

To retrieve FortiToken statuses:
  • In the CLI:

    # diagnose fortitoken info

  • In the GUI:

    Go to User & Authentication > FortiTokens.

Various FortiToken statuses in either the CLI or the GUI may be described as follows: