NAT and transparent mode

In this example, VDOM-A uses NAT mode and VDOM-B uses transparent mode.

This configuration requires the following steps:

  1. Configure VDOM-A
  2. Configure VDOM-B

Configure VDOM-A

VDOM-A allows connections from devices on the internal network to the Internet. WAN 1 and port 1 are assigned to this VDOM.

The per-VDOM configuration for VDOM-A includes the following:

  • A firewall address for the internal network
  • A static route to the ISP gateway
  • A security policy allowing the internal network to access the Internet

All procedures in this section require you to connect to VDOM-A, either using a global or per-VDOM administrator account.

To add the firewall addresses in the GUI:
  1. Go to Policy & Objec