Registering FortiToken Mobile

To deploy FortiToken Mobile for your end users, you must first register the tokens on your FortiGate. After registering the tokens, you can assign them to your end users.

Each FortiGate comes with two free FortiToken Mobile tokens. These tokens should appear under User & Authentication > FortiTokens. If no tokens appear, you may import them. Ensure that your FortiGate is registered and has internet access to connect to the FortiToken servers to import the tokens.

To import FortiTokens from the FortiGate GUI:
  1. Go to User & Authentication > FortiTokens.
  2. Click the Import Free Trial Tokens icon at the top. The two free tokens are imported.
To import FortiTokens from the FortiGate CLI:

# execute fortitoken-mobile import 0000-0000-0000-0000-0000

# show user fortitoken


If only one free token appears, you can first delete that token and then follow the procedure to import the two free tokens from either the GUI or the CLI.

If you have the FortiToken Mobile redemption certificate, you can register FortiToken Mobile on a FortiGate.

To register FortiToken Mobile from the FortiGate GUI:
  1. Go to User & Authentication > FortiTokens and click Create New. The New FortiToken dialog appears.
  2. For the Type field, select Mobile Token.
  3. Locate the 20-digit code on the redemption certificate and type it in the Activation Code field.
  4. Click OK. The token is successfully registered.

If you attempt to add invalid FortiToken ser