Device inventory

You can enable device detection to allow FortiOS to monitor your networks and gather information about devices operating on those networks, including:

  • MAC address
  • IP address
  • Operating system
  • Hostname
  • Username
  • When FortiOS detected the device and on which interface

You can enable device detection separately on each interface in Network > Interfaces.

Device detection is intended for devices directly connected to your LAN and DMZ ports. The widget is only available when your Interface Role is LAN, DMZ or Undefined. It is not available when the role is WAN.

You can also manually add devices to Device Inventory to ensure that a device with multiple interfaces displays as a single device.

To view the device inventory monitor:
  1. Go to Dashboard > Users & Devices.

    If you are using the Comprehensive dashboard template, go to Dashboard > Device Inventory Monitor. See .

  2. Hover over the Device Inventory widget, and click Expand to Full Screen. The Device Inventory monitor is displayed.