Configuring guest access

A visitor to your premises may need a user account on your network during their stay. If you are hosting a large event, such as a conference, you may need to create many temporary accounts for the attendees. You can create many guest accounts simultaneously using randomly generated user IDs and passwords to reduce your workload for these large events.

The following describes managing guest access:

  1. Create one or more guest user groups. All members of a group have the same user ID type, password type, information fields used, and type and time of expiry.
  2. Create guest accounts.
  3. Use captive portal authentication and select the appropriate guest group.
  4. The guest receives an email, SMS message, or printout containing their user ID and password from the FortiOS administrator.
  5. The guest logs onto the network using the provided credentials.
  6. After the configured expiry time, the credentials are no longer valid.

This configuration consists of the following steps:

  1. Add an SMS service.
  2. Create a guest management administrator.
  3. Create a guest user group.
  4. Create guest user accounts.
To add an SMS service:

To send SMS notifications to guest users, add an email to SMS service to your FortiGate using the following commands: