Data plan profiles

The data plan profile allows users to configure connectivity settings based on modem, carrier, slot, SIM ID, or cost. Users can also specify billing details related to the data plan, as well as smart switch thresholds to define when to switch over to a different SIM.

A FortiExtender has multiple SIM card slots. Certain models also have multiple modems. Essentially, each modem can make one connection with one of the two SIMs associated with the modem. The data plan profile allows users to create general configurations that work across multiple SIMs, or specific profiles that work on a specific SIM. First, the data plan matches the criteria based on the modem ID and type.


config extender-controller dataplan
    edit <name>
        set modem-id {modem1 | modem2 | all}
        set type {carrier | slot | iccid | generic}



set modem-id (Available on in the GUI)