The full Security Fabric topology can be viewed on the root FortiGate. Downstream FortiGate devices' topology views do not include upstream devices.

The Physical Topology page shows the physical structure of your network, including all connected devices and the connections between them. The Logical Topology page shows information about the interfaces that connect devices to the Security Fabric.

In both topology pages, you can use filtering and sorting options to control the information that is shown. Hover the cursor over a device icon, port number, or endpoint to open a tooltip that shows information about that specific device, port, or endpoint. Right-click on a device to log into, configure, or deauthorize it. Right-click on an endpoint to perform various tasks, such as drilling down for more details in FortiView, quarantining the host, and banning the IP address.

The small number that might be shown in the top right corner of a device icon is the number of security ratings recommendations or warnings for that device. The circle color indicates the severity of the highest security rating check that failed. Clicking it opens the Security Rating page. See Security rating for more information.


From the dropdown list beside the search bar, select one of the following views:

  • Device Traffic: organize devices by traffic.
  • Device Count: organize devices by the number of devices connected to it.
  • Device Operating System: organize devices by operating system.
  • Device Hardware Vendor: organize devi