Device inventory and filtering

The Device Inventory widget contains a series of summary charts that provide an overview of the hardware, operating system, status, and interfaces. You can use these clickable charts to simplify filtering among your devices.

To view the device inventory and apply a filter:
  1. Go to Dashboard > Users & Devices.

    If you are using the Comprehensive dashboard template, go to Dashboard > Device Inventory Monitor. See .

  2. Hover over the Device Inventory widget, and click Expand to Full Screen. The Device Inventory monitor is displayed.
  3. To filter the order of the charts by operating system, click the dropdown in the top menu bar and select Software OS.
  4. To filter a chart, click an item in the legend or chart area. The table displays the filter results.
  5. To combine filters, hover over a column heading and click Filter/Configure Column.

  6. Click the filter icon in the top-right corner of the chart to remove the filter.

Filter examples

To filter all offline devices:
  1. In the Status chart, click Offline in the legend or on the chart itself.

To filter all devices discovered on port3:
  1. In the Interfaces chart, click por