FortiGate administrator log in using FortiCloud single sign-on

FortiGate can be configured to allow administrators to log in using FortiCloud single sign-on. Both IAM and non-IAM users on the FortiCloud support portal are supported. Non‑IAM users must be the FortiCloud account that the FortiGate is registered to.

To configure an IAM user in FortiCloud:
  1. Log in to your FortiCloud account at

  2. Select Services > IAM and click Add IAM user.

  3. See Adding an IAM user in the FortiCloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) guide for more information. The Portal Permissions for SupportSite, IAMPortal, and FortiOS SSO must be configured to allow portal access for administrators.

To enable FortiCloud single sign-On on the FortiGate:
  1. Log in to the FortiGate and go to System > Settings.

  2. Enable FortiCloud Single Sign-On.