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  • What is NGFW
  • What are FortiGuard Security Services

FortiGate NGFW

DLP & Inline CASB

Blocking data exfiltration with Data Loss Prevention and Inline Cloud Access Security Broker

  • DLP techniques
  • Basic DLP settings
  • Configuring Inline CASB profile
  • Block HTTPS upload traffic that includes credit card information
  • CASB SaaS application support for ZTNA
  • FortiSASE Application Control with Inline-CASB

Inline Malware Prevention

Blocking unknown malware using various FortiSandbox and FortiGuard Inline Malware Prevention techniques

  • Integrating FortiSandbox with FortiGate
  • Inline malware scanning with FortiSandbox Appliance
  • Inline malware scanning with FortiGuard AI-based Inline Malware Prevention Service
  • Understanding Inline Block on FortiSandbox
  • Enabling FortiSandbox Inline Block Policy

Web Security

Blocking access to malicious domains and websites with web-based filtering and security

  • FortiGuard category filtering
  • URL filtering
  • Web content filter
  • Botnet and C&C domain blocking
  • DNS safe search
  • Video filtering using FortiGuard categories
  • Filtering YouTube channels

Advanced Malware Protection

Blocking known malware with Antivirus and Malware protection

  • Configuring an antivirus profile
  • Testing an AntiVirus Profile
  • Proxy mode stream-based scanning
  • External Malware Block List
  • FortiGuard Outbreak Prevention


Blocking vulnerabilities and exploits using Intrusion Prevention System

  • What is IPS
  • Designing your IPS solution
  • Configuring an IPS sensor
  • Additional IPS configuration options
  • Creating custom IPS signatures
  • IPS Security Profile


Deep Packet Inspection

  • What is Deep Packet Inspection?
  • Protect SSL Server
  • Using multiple certificates to protect multiple servers on the same IP
  • SSL & SSH Inspection Profile

FortiGuard Security Services

OT Security Services

Operational Technology Security Services.

  • Virtual Patching
  • Enabling extended IPS signatures
  • OT Asset Visibility and Network Topology
  • OT Virtual Patching On NAC Policies

Attack Surface Security Services

The FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service continuously monitors and assesses your organization’s Security Fabric infrastructure and controls in place to provide an overall rating of your security posture.

  • Cyber Glossary - Attack Surface
  • Security Rating Service
  • IOT detection service
  • Security Rating Feature

Indicators of Compromise

Indicators of compromise (IOCs) are artifacts observed on a network or in an operations system where we have a high confidence that said artifact indicates a computer intrusion.

  • IOC service
  • IoT Virtual Patching On NAC Policies
  • Cyber Glossary - IOC
  • FortiGate IOC
  • IOC detection as a trigger

4D Resources

4D Resources

  • NGFW
  • ZTNA
  • SASE
  • SD-WAN

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

  • FortiManager
  • FortiGate best practices