Adding a FortiExtender

To add a FortiExtender to the FortiGate, create a virtual FortiExtender interface, then add a FortiExtender and assign the interface to the modem. Like other interface types, the FortiExtender interface can be used in static routes, SD-WAN (see Manage dual FortiExtender devices), policies, and other functions.

To create a virtual FortiExtender interface in the GUI:
  1. Go to Network > Interfaces and click Create New > FortiExtender.

  2. Enter a name for the interface.

  3. Configure the remaining settings as needed. See Interface settings for more details.

  4. Click OK.

To add a FortiExtender in the GUI:
  1. Go to Network > FortiExtender and click Create New > Extenders.

  2. Enter your FortiExtender's serial number in the Serial number field.

  3. Optionally, set an Alias for the FortiExtender.

  4. In the State section, enable Authorized.

  5. Set Interface to the FortiExtender interface.

  6. Configure the remaining setting as required. See the FortiExtender Administration Guide for more information.

  7. Click OK.

  8. In the extenders list, right-click on the FortiExtender and select Diagnostics and Tools to review the modem and SIM status, and other details about the FortiExtender.