Using the SD-WAN monitor

In the example topology, the branches are configured to use SD-WAN. You can use the top-right navigation menu in the SD-WAN monitor to navigate to the Branch FortiGate to display information about the SD-WAN.

To view the SD-WAN monitor, go to Software-Defined Branch > SD-WAN Monitor.

The SD-WAN monitor summarizes the SD-WAN members, Zones, SD-WAN Rules and health checks deployed on the FortiGate. It shows the interface member's SD-WAN usage and its associated service level agreements. The monitor contains a chart that shows if the ports are meeting the SLA target for bandwidth, jitter and latency per the health check in use in each SD-WAN Rule.


Some of the SD-WAN statistics are only available in FOS 6.4.1 and higher.

To view SD-WAN usage charts:
  1. In the SD-WAN Overview area, Use your remote to select the SD-WAN Usage pane.
  2. Scroll left and right to view Bandwidth, Volume and Sessions charts for the VIRTUAL-WAN-LINK and Underlay interfaces in the SD-WAN Zones pane.

To view SLA targets:
  1. In the SD-WAN Rules area, use your remote to scroll the rules pane at the left-side of the monitor.
    • The Destinations pane displays the destination details.
    • The Performance SLA pane displays the SLA targets for the rule.
    • The SD-WAN Active Interface pane displays a checkmark next to the active interface.
  2. Use your remote to navigate between the Latency, Jitter, and Packet Loss charts.

To view a branch in the topology:
  1. Use your remote to swipe to the top navigation in the monitor. Wait for the topology to load.
  2. At the top-right of the monitor, select the current device.

  3. Select the device you want to view.