FortiAnalyzer Cloud service

FortiGate supports the FortiAnalyzer Cloud service for event logging.


Traffic logs are not currently supported by FortiAnalyzer Cloud without a FortiCloud Premium subscription (AFAC). For information, see Configuring FortiAnalyzer.

When FortiAnalyzer Cloud is licensed and enabled (see Deploying FortiAnalyzer Cloud for more information), all event logs are sent to FortiAnalyzer Cloud by default. All traffic logs, security logs, and archive files are not sent to FortiAnalyzer Cloud.

FortiAnalyzer Cloud differs from FortiAnalyzer in the following ways:

  • You cannot enable FortiAnalyzer Cloud in vdom override-setting when global FortiAnalyzer Cloud is disabled.
  • You must use the CLI to retrieve and display logs sent to FortiAnalyzer Cloud. The FortiOS GUI is not supported.
  • You cannot enable FortiAnalyzer Cloud and FortiGate Cloud at the same time.

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