Maximize bandwidth (SLA) strategy

SD-WAN rules are used to control how sessions are distributed to SD-WAN members. Rules can be configured in one of five modes:

  • auto: Interfaces are assigned a priority based on quality.
  • Manual (manual): Interfaces are manually assigned a priority.
  • Best Quality (priority): Interface are assigned a priority based on the link-cost-factor of the interface. See Best quality strategy.
  • Lowest Cost (SLA) (sla): Interfaces are assigned a priority based on selected SLA settings. See Lowest cost (SLA) strategy.
  • Maximize Bandwidth (SLA) (load-balance): Traffic is distributed among all available links based on the selected load balancing algorithm.

When using Maximize Bandwidth mode (load-balance in the CLI), SD-WAN will choose all of the links that satisfies SLA to forward traffic based on a load balancing algorithm. The load balancing algorithm, or hash method, can be one of the following: