Network topologies

The topology of your network will determine how remote peers and clients connect to the VPN and how VPN traffic is routed.




Standard one-to-one VPN between two FortiGates. See Site-to-site VPN.

Hub and spoke/ADVPN

One central FortiGate (hub) has multiple VPNs to other remote FortiGates (spokes). In ADVPN, shortcuts can be created between spokes for direct communication. See ADVPN.


Fortinet's cloud based solution for automating VPN setup between devices registered to the same account. See Overlay Controller VPN (OCVPN).

FortiClient dialup

Typically remote FortiClient dialup clients use dynamic IP addresses through NAT devices. The FortiGate acts as a dialup server allowing dialup VPN connections from multiple sources. See FortiClient as dialup client.