GCP SDN connector using service account

FortiOS automatically updates dynamic addresses for GCP using a GCP SDN connector, including mapping attributes from GCP instances to dynamic address groups in FortiOS.


This topic describes one of multiple configuration methods available with this SDN connector type. See the More Links section on the right sidebar for other methods.

To configure GCP connector using the GUI:
  1. In FortiOS, go to Security Fabric > External Connectors.
  2. Click Create New, and select Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

    Note you can create only one SDN Connector per connector type. For example, you can create one entry for GCP.

  3. Configure the connector as follows:
    1. Project name: Enter the name of the GCP project. The VMs whose IP addresses you want to populate should be running within this project.
    2. Service account email: Enter the email address associated with the service account that will call APIs to the GCP project specified above.
    3. Private key: Enter the private key statement as shown in the text box. For details, see Creating a GCP service account.

    Once the connector is successfully configured, a green indicator appears at the bottom right corner. If the indicator is red, the connector is not working. See Troubleshooting GCP SDN Connector.

  4. Create a dynamic firewall address for the configured GCP SDN connector:
    1. Go t