Static application steering with a manual strategy

This example covers a typical usage scenario where the SD-WAN has two members: MPLS and DIA. DIA is primarily used for direct internet access to internet applications, such as Office365, Google applications, Amazon, and Dropbox. MPLS is primarily used for SIP, and works as a backup when DIA is not working.

This example configures all SIP traffic to use MPLS while all other traffic uses DIA. If DIA is not working, the traffic will use MPLS.

To configure an SD-WAN rule to use SIP and DIA in the GUI:
  1. Add port1 (DIA) and port2 (MPLS) as SD-WAN members, and configure a static route. See Configuring the SD-WAN interface for details.
  2. Create a firewall policy with an Application Control profile configured. See Configuring firewall policies for SD-WAN for details.
  3. Go to Network > SD-WAN, select the SD-WAN Rules tab, and click Create New.
  4. Enter a name for the rule, such as SIP.
  5. Click the Application field and select the applicable SIP applications from the Select Entries panel.
  6. Under Outgoing Interfaces, select Manual.
  7. For Interface preference, select MPLS.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Create New to create another rule.