Log-related diagnose commands

This topic shows commonly used examples of log-related diagnose commands.

Use the following diagnose commands to identify log issues:

  • The following commands enable debugging log daemon (miglogd) at the proper debug level:
    diagnose debug application miglogd x
    diagnose debug enable
  • The following commands display different status/statistics of miglogd at the proper level:
    diagnose test application miglogd x
    diagnose debug enable

To get the list of available levels, press Enter after diagnose test/debug application miglogd. The following are some examples of commonly use levels.

If the debug log display does not return correct entries when log filter is set:

diagnose debug application miglogd 0x1000

For example, use the following command to display all login system event logs:

execute log filter device disk
execute log filter category event
execute log filter field action login

execute log display

Files to be searched:
file_no=65523, start line=0, end_line=237
file_no=65524, start line=0, end_line=429
file_no=65525, start line=0, end_line=411
file_no=65526, start line=0, end_line=381
file_no=65527, start line=0, end_line=395
file_no=65528, start line=0, end_line=458
file_no=65529, start line=0, end_line=604
file_no=65530, start line=0, end_line=389
file_no=65531, start line=0, end_line=384
session ID=1, total logs=3697
back ground search. process ID=26240, session_id=1
 start line=1  view line=10
( action "login" )
ID=1, total=3697, checked=238, found=5
ID=1, total=3697, checked=668, found=13
ID=1, total=3697, checked=1080, found=23
ID=1, total=3697, checked=1462, found=23
ID=1, total=3697, checked=1858, found=23
ID=1, total=3697, checked=2317, found=54
ID=1, total=3697, checked=2922, found=106
ID=1, total=3697, checked=3312, found=111
ID=1, total=3697, checked=3697, found=114

You can check and/or debug the FortiGate to FortiAnalyzer connection status.

To show connect status with detailed information:
diagnose test application miglogd 1

faz: global , enabl