DNS latency information

High latency in DNS traffic can result in an overall sluggish experience for end-users. In the DNS Settings pane, you can quickly identify DNS latency issues in your configuration.

Go to Network > DNS to view DNS latency information in the right side bar. If you use FortiGuard DNS, latency information for DNS, DNS filter, web filter, and outbreak prevention servers is also visible. Hover your pointer over a latency value to see when it was last updated.

To view DNS latency information using the CLI:
# diagnose test application dnsproxy 2
worker idx: 0
worker: count=1 idx=0
retry_interval=500 query_timeout=1495
DNS latency info:
vfid=0 server=2001::1 latency=1494 updated=73311
vfid=0 server= latency=1405 updated=2547
vfid=0 server= latency=19 updated=91
SDNS latency info:
vfid=0 server= latency=1 updated=707681
DNS_CACHE: alloc=35, hit=26
RATING_CACHE: alloc=1, hit=49
DNS UDP: req=66769 res=63438 fwd=83526 alloc=0 cmp=0 retrans=16855 to=3233
          cur=111 switched=8823467 num_switched=294 v6_cur=80 v6_switched=7689041 num_v6_switched=6
         ftg_res=8 ftg_fwd=8 ftg_retrans=0
DNS TCP: req=0, res=0, fwd=0, retrans=0 alloc=0, to=0
FQDN: alloc=45 nl_write_cnt=9498 nl_send_cnt=21606 nl_cur_cnt=0
Botnet: searched=57 hit=0 filtered=57 false_positive=0
To view the latency from web filter and outbreak protection servers using the CLI:
# diagnose debug rating
Locale   : english

Service  : Web-filter
Status   : Enable
License  : Contract

Service  : Antispam
Status   : Disable

Service  : Virus Outbreak Prevention
Status   : Disable

-=- Server List (Tue Jan 22 08:03:14 2019) -=-

IP               Weight RTT Flags  TZ  Packets  Curr Lost Total Lost  Updated Time  10     0 DI       -8  700      0         2           Tue Jan 22 08:02:44 2019  10     0          -8  698      0         4           Tue Jan 22 08:02:44 2019  10     0          -8  698      0         4           Tue Jan 22 08:02:44 2019  10     0          -8  697      0         3           Tue Jan 22 08:02:44 2019