Dashboards and Monitors

FortiOS includes predefined dashboards so administrators can easily monitor device inventory, security threats, traffic, and network health. You can customize the appearance of a default dashboard to display data pertinent to your Security Fabric or combine widgets to create custom dashboards. Many dashboards also allow you to switch views between fabric devices.

Each dashboard contains a set of widgets that allow you to view drilldown data and take actions to prevent threats. Use widgets to perform tasks such as viewing device inventory, creating and deleting DHCP reservations, and disconnecting dial-up users. You can add or remove widgets in a dashboard or save a widget as a standalone monitor.

Monitors display information in both text and visual format. Use monitors to change views, search for items, view drilldown information, or perform actions such as quarantining an IP address. FortiView monitors for the top categories are located below the dashboards. All of the available widgets can be added to the tree menu as a monitor.