Configuring the SD-WAN interface

First, SD-WAN must be enabled and member interfaces must be selected and added to a zone. The selected FortiGate interfaces can be of any type (physical, aggregate, VLAN, IPsec, and others), but must be removed from any other configurations on the FortiGate.

In this step, two interfaces are configured and added to the default SD-WAN zone (virtual-wan-link) as SD-WAN member interfaces. This example uses a mix of static and dynamic IP addresses; your deployment could also use only one or the other.

Once the SD-WAN members are created and added to a zone, the zone can be used in firewall policies, and the whole SD-WAN can be used in static routes.

To configure SD-WAN members:
  1. Configure the wan1 and wan2 interfaces. See Interface settings for details.
    1. Set the wan1 interface Addressing mode to DHCP and Distance to 10.