Adding VDOMs with FortiGate v-series

Each FortiGate-VM base license type allows a default number of VDOMs. This topic provides sample procedures to add VDOMs beyond the default number using separately purchased VDOM licenses.

This topic consists of the following steps:

  1. Activate the FortiGate-VM with the base license.
  2. Add more VDOMs to the FortiGate-VM.
To activate the FortiGate-VM with the base license:
  1. Purchase and register the FortiGate-VM base license in FortiCare:
    1. Purchase the FortiGate-VM base license from Fortinet or a Fortinet reseller.
    2. You receive a license certification with a registration code. Open the certification.
    3. Log in to Fortinet Customer Service & Support.
    4. Go to Asset > Register/Activate and enter the provided registration code.
    5. Follow the registration process. The serial number generates and displays on the Registration Completion page.
    6. Go to Asset > Manage/View Products. Click the serial number to download the license file.
  2. Upload the FortiGate-VM base license file to FortiOS:
    1. Log in to the FortiGate-VM GUI.
    2. In Dashboard > Status, in the Virtual Machine widget, click FortiGate VM License.
    3. Click the Upload button.
    4. Select the FortiGate-VM base license file, then click OK. The FortiGate-VM reboots after applying the base license.
  3. Verify the FortiGate-VM base license status and VDOM information:
    1. Log in to the FortiGate-VM GUI.
    2. In Dashboard > Status, in the Virtual Machine widget, ensure that there is a checkmark in front of the FortiGate-VM base license name. The checkmark indicates that the base license is valid.
    3. You can check VDOM information using the CLI. The following output shows that the maximum number of VDOMs is currently one. This is correct since the FortiGate-VM base license only supports the default root VDOM that the system uses.


To add more VDOMs to the FortiGate-VM:

You can repeat this procedure multiple times to stack multiple VDOM licenses on the same FortiGa