Setting the system time

You can either manually set the FortiOS system time, or configure the device to automatically keep its system time correct by synchronizing with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) or Precision Time Protocol (PTP) server.

Daylight savings time is enabled by default, and can only be configured in the CLI.


For many features to work, including scheduling, logging, and SSL-dependent features, the FortiOS system time must be accurate.

To configure the date and time in the GUI:
  1. Go to System > Settings.
  2. In the System Time section, configure the following settings to either manually set the time or use an NTP server:

    Time Zone

    Select a time zone from the list. This should be the time zone that the FortiGate is in.

    Set Time

    Select either NTP, PTP, or Manual settings.



    To use an NTP server other than FortiGuard, the CLI must be used.

    In the Sync interval field, enter how often, in minutes, that the device synchronizes its time with the NTP server.



    • Set the Mode to Multicast or Hybrid.

    • Select the Delay mechanism: E2E or P2P.

    • Set the Request interval, in seconds.

    • Select the Interface.


    Manual settings

    Manually enter the Date, and Time.

    Setup device as local NTP server

    Enable to configure the FortiGate as a local NTP server. This option is not available if Set Time is PTP.

    In the Listen on Interfaces field, set the interface or interfaces