Public and private SDN connectors

Cloud SDN connectors provide integration and orchestration of Fortinet products with public and private cloud solutions. In a typical cloud environment, resources are dynamic and often provisioned and scaled on-demand. By using an SDN connector, you can ensure that changes to cloud environment attributes are automatically updated in the Security Fabric.

To protect the East-West or North-South traffic in these environments, the FortiGate uses the SDN connector to sync the dynamic addresses that these volatile environments use. You can then configure the dynamic address objects as sources or destinations for firewall policies. When you make changes to cloud environment resources, such as moving them to a new location or assigning different IP addresses to them, you do not need to modify the policy in FortiOS, as the SDN connector syncs changes to the cloud address objects.

These configurations consist of three primary steps:

  1. Configure the cloud SDN connector to connect your FortiGate and public or private cloud account.
  2. Create dynamic address objects to use the SDN connector. Use filters to sync only cloud address objects that you require.
  3. Apply the dynamic address objects to your firewall policy to protect your traffic.

This chapter explores the steps in detail and describes how to connect to each currently supported cloud platform. This chapter does not discuss cloud account role-based or permission requirements. The respective cloud documents contain this information.

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