Precision time protocol (PTP) is used to synchronize network clocks. It is best suited to situations where time accuracy is of the utmost importance, as it supports accuracy in the sub‑microsecond range. Conversely, NTP accuracy is in the range of milliseconds or tens of milliseconds.

The following CLI commands are available:

config system ptp
    set status {enable | disable}
    set mode {multicast | hybrid}
    set delay-mechanism {E2E | P2P}
    set request-interval <integer>
    set interface <interface>



status {enable | disable}

Enable or disable the FortiGate system time by synchronizing with a PTP server (default = disable).

mode {multicast | hybrid}

Use multicast or hybrid transmission (default = multicast).

delay-mechanism {E2E | P2P}

Use end-to-end (E2E) or peer-to-peer (P2P) delay detection (default = E2E).

request-interval <integer>

The logarithmic mean interval between the delay request messages sent by the client to the server in seconds (default = 1).

interface <interface>