Filters for application control groups

When defining application groups in NGFW policy or profile mode, the following group filters are available: protocols, risk, vendor, technology, behavior, popularity, and category.

config application group
    edit <name>
        set type filter
        set protocols <integer>
        set risk <integer>
        set vendor <id>
        set technology <id>
        set behavior <id>
        set popularity <integer>
        set category <id>

protocols <integer>

Application protocol filter (0 - 47, or all).

risk <integer>

Risk or impact of allowing traffic from this application to occur (1 - 5; low (1), elevated (2), medium (3), high (4), and critical (5)).

vendor <id>

Application vendor filter (0 - 25, or all).

technology <id>

Application technology filter:

  • all

  • 0 (network-protocol)

  • 1 (browser-based)

  • 2 (client-server)

  • 4 (peer-to-peer)