Getting started with FortiExplorer

If your FortiGate is accessible on a wireless network, you can connect to it using FortiExplorer provided that your iOS device is on the same network (see Connecting FortiExplorer to a FortiGate via WiFi). Otherwise, you will need to physically connect your iOS device to the FortiGate using a USB cable.

To connect and configure a FortiGate with FortiExplorer using a USB connection:
  1. Connect your iOS device to your FortiGate USB A port. If prompted on your iOS device, Trust this computer.
  2. Open FortiExplorer and select your FortiGate from the FortiGate Devices list . A blue USB icon will indicate that you are connected over a USB connection.

  3. On the Login screen, select USB.
  4. Enter the default Username (admin) and leave the Password field blank.
  5. Optionally, select Remember Password.
  6. Tap Done when you are ready.

    FortiExplorer opens the FortiGate management interface to the Device Status page:

  7. Go to Network > Interfaces and configure the WAN interface or interfaces.
  8. The wan1 interface Address mode is set to DHCP by default. Set it to Manual and enter its Address, Netmask, and Default Gateway, and then Apply your changes.