DHCP server

A DHCP server leases IP addresses from a defined address range to clients on the network that request dynamically assigned addresses.

A DHCP server can be in server or relay mode. In server mode, you can define one or more address ranges it assigns addresses from, and options such as the default gateway, DNS server, lease time, and other advanced options. In relay mode, the interface forwards DHCP requests from DHCP clients to an external DHCP server and returns the responses to the DHCP clients. The DHCP server must have appropriate routing so that its response packets to the DHCP clients arrive at the unit.

Configure a DHCP server on an interface

To configure a DHCP server in the GUI:
  1. Go to Network > Interfaces.
  2. Edit an interface.
  3. Enable the DHCP Server option and configure the settings.
  4. Click OK.
To configure a DHCP server in the CLI:
config system dhcp server
    edit 1
        set dns-service default
        set default-gateway
        set netmask
        set interface "port1"
        config ip-range
            edit 1
                set start-ip
                set end-ip