NetFlow allows you to collect IP network traffic statistics for an interface, and then export those statistics for analysis. NetFlow samplers, that sample every packet, are configured per interface. Full NetFlow is supported through the information maintained in the firewall session.

To configure NetFlow:
config system netflow
    set collector-ip <ip>
    set collector-port <port>
    set source-ip <ip>
    set active-flow-timeout <integer>
    set inactive-flow-timeout <integer>
    set template-tx-timeout <integer>
    set template-tx-counter <integer>

collector-ip <ip>

Collector IP address.

collector-port <port>

NetFlow collector port number (0 - 65535)

source-ip <ip>

Source IP address, for communication with the NetFlow agent.

active-flow-timeout <integer>

Timeout to report active flows, in minutes (1 - 60, default = 30).

inactive-flow-timeout <integer>

Timeout for periodic report of finished flows, in seconds (10 - 600, default = 15).

template-tx-timeout <integer>