Viewing the Fabric Overview monitor

Use the Fabric Overview monitor to view the Fabric components as seen on the Dashboard of the Fabric Root FortiGate in the example topology. Each device must be authorized and be part of the Fabric.

For information about configuring the Security Fabric, see Fortinet Security Fabric

To view the Fabric Overview monitor, go to Network Operations Center > Fabric Overview.

The Security Fabric monitor has multiple panes. To see data populated on the panes, ensure that proper configurations are applied on the Fabric devices:




Fabric Connectors Displays external SDN connectors that are enabled. Configure Security Fabric > External Connectors.
Security Fabric Overview Displays the number of devices in the topology. Configure Security Fabric > Fabric Connectors.
Attack Surface Displays devices detected by the FortiGate with a server tag. Ensure Device Detection is configured on the interfaces(s). Go to Network > Interfaces.
Device Inventory