OCI SDN connector using certificates

You can configure SDN connector integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


This topic describes one of multiple configuration methods available with this SDN connector type. See the More Links section on the right sidebar for other methods.

To configure an OCI SDN connector in the GUI:
  1. Go to Security Fabric > External Connectors and click Create New.
  2. In the Public SDN section, select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
  3. Configure the connector as desired:
    1. User ID: Enter the OCID of the OCI user who belongs to the administrator group. See Certificate-based SDN connector requirements.
    2. For the OCI Certificate field, you must select a certificate that satisfies OCI key size limits. The minimum size is 2048 bits. Do one of the following:
      1. Select the built-in default certificate called Fortinet_Factory.
      2. Follow steps 1-2 in Using custom certificates to configure a custom certificate.

  4. Click OK.
  5. At this stage, you must register the certificate's fingerprint to the specified OCI user.
    1. Go to the OCI user, then API Keys > Add Public Key.
    2. If you selected the Fortinet_Factory certificate in step 2f, do the following:
      1. In FortiOS, go to System > Certificate. Select Fortinet_Factory, then click Download.
      2. You now have the Fortinet_Factory.cer file. Create a public key file in PEM format from it, using a freely available tool of your choice such as OpenSSL.
    3. Copy and paste the content of the certificate PEM key file in the Add Public Key window in OCI. Click Add.
    4. You now see the fingerprint.