Dashboard widgets

Security Fabric widgets can be added to FortiGate dashboards, including:

Security Fabric status

The Security Fabric status widget shows a summary of the devices in the Security Fabric.

Hover the cursor over the top icons to view pop-ups showing the statuses of the devices in the fabric.

The device tree shows devices that are connected, or could be connected, to you Security Fabric, according to the following color scheme:

  • Blue: connected to the network
  • Gray: not configured or not detected
  • Red: no longer connected or not authorized

Hover over a device in the tree to view details about the device, such as it's serial number, operation mode, IP address, CPU and memory usage, and others, depending on the device type.

Unauthorized FortiAP and FortiSwitch devices are highlighted in the list, and can be authorized by clicking on the device name.

Fabric Device

A Fabric Device widget shows statistics and system information about the selected fabric device. Widgets can be added for various Fabric devices including FortiMail, FortiAI, and FortiD