IP reputation filtering

There are currently five reputation levels in the Internet Service Database (ISDB), and custom reputation levels can be defined in a custom internet service. You can configure firewall policies to filter traffic according to the desired reputation level. If the reputation level of either the source or destination IP address is equal to or greater than the level set in the policy, then the packet is forwarded, otherwise, the packet is dropped.

The five default reputation levels are:


Known malicious sites, such as phishing sites or sites related to botnet servers


High risk services sites, such as TOR, proxy, and P2P


Unverified sites


Reputable social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter


Known and verified safe sites, such as Gmail, Amazon, and eBay

The default minimum reputation level in a policy is zero, meaning that the reputation filter is disabled.

For IP addresses that are not included in the ISDB, the default reputation level is three.

The default reputation direction is destination.