Configuring FortiGuard updates

To configure FortiGuard updates:
  1. Go to System > FortiGuard

  2. Scroll down to the FortiGuard Updates section.

  3. Configure the options for connecting and downloading definition files:

    Immediately download updates

    The option can be enabled on 2U and larger hardware models when the FortiGuard are servers are connected in anycast mode.

    The FortiGate forms a secure, persistent connection with FortiGuard to get notifications of new updates through an HTTPS connection. The FortiGate uses the fds_notify daemon to wait for the notification, then makes another connection to the FortiGuard server to download the updates.

    Scheduled Updates

    Enable to schedule updates to be sent to the FortiGate at the specified time or automatically. See Scheduled updates and Automatic updates.

    Improve IPS quality

    Enable to send information to the FortiGuard servers when an attack occurs. This can help keep the FortiGuard database current as attacks evolve, and improve IPS signatures.

    Use extended IPS signature package

    Enable to use the extended IPS data