Force HA failover for testing and demonstrations


This command should only be used for testing, troubleshooting, maintenance, and demonstrations.

Do not use it in a live production environment outside of an active maintenance window.

HA failover can be forced on an HA primary device. The device will stay in a failover state regardless of the conditions. The only way to remove the failover status is by manually turning it off.


execute ha failover set <cluster_id>

execute ha failover unset <cluster_id>




The cluster ID is 1 for any cluster that is not in virtual cluster mode, and can be 1 or 2 if virtual cluster mode is enabled.


To manually force an HA failover:
# execute ha failover set 1
Caution: This command will trigger an HA failover.
It is intended for testing purposes.
Do you want to continue? (y/n)y
To view the failover status:
# execute ha failover status
failover status: set
To view the system status of a device in forced HA failover:
# get system ha status