AliCloud SDN connector using access key

FortiOS automatically updates dynamic addresses for AliCloud using an AliCloud SDN connector, including mapping the following attributes from AliCloud instances to dynamic address groups in FortiOS:

  • ImageId
  • InstanceId
  • SecurityGroupId
  • VpcId
  • VSwitchId
  • TagKey
  • TagValue

This topic describes one of multiple configuration methods available with this SDN connector type. See the More Links section on the right sidebar for other methods.

To configure AliCloud SDN connector using the GUI:
  1. Configure the AliCloud SDN connector:
    1. Go to Security Fabric > External Connectors.
    2. Click Create New, and select AliCloud.
    3. Configure as shown, substituting the access key, secret, and region ID for your deployment. The update interval is in seconds.

  2. Create a dynamic firewall address for the configured AliCloud SDN connector:
    1. Go to Policy & Objects > Addresses.
    2. Click Create New, then select Address.
    3. Configure the address as shown, selecting the desired filter in the Filter dropdown list. In this example, the address will automatically populate and update IP addresses only for AliCloud instances that belong to the specified security group:

  3. Ensure that the AliCloud SDN connector resolves dynamic firewall IP addresses:
    1. Go to Policy & Objects > Addresses.
    2. Hover over the address created in step 2 to see a list of IP ad