This example shows how to convert a standalone FortiGate SD-WAN solution to a FGCP HA cluster with full-mesh WAN set up. This configuration allows you to load balance your internet traffic between multiple ISP links. It also provides redundancy for your internet connection if your primary ISP in unavailable, or if one of the FortiGates in the HA cluster fails.

This example assumes that a standalone FortiGate has already been configured for SD-WAN by following the SD-WAN quick start.

Standalone FortiGate:

FGCP HA cluster:

The following devices are required to convert the topology to HA:

  • A second FortiGate that is the same model running the same firmware version.
  • Two switches for connecting each FortiGate's WAN interface to the corresponding ISP modem.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure that the licenses and subscriptions on both HA members match.
  • Ensure that there are one or more ports reserved for HA heartbeat.
  • Ensure you have physical access to both HA members.

Enabling HA and re-cabling the WAN interfaces will cause network interruptions.

This procedure should be performed during a maintenance window.

Configuring the stand