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Zero Trust Network Access

ZTNA Enforcement


Learn the concept behind Zero Trust Network Access and how it can enhance your Teleworking solution

  • Zero Trust Network Access introduction
  • Understanding the trust relationship between FortiClient, EMS, and FortiGate
  • Automating device identification with SSL certificate based authentication
  • SSL VPN to ZTNA hosted web application migration guide

Getting Started

Get Started with configuring Zero Trust Network Access on FortiGate, FortiClient and EMS

  • Understanding the Basic ZTNA configuration
  • Configuring the FortiClient EMS Fabric Connector
  • ZTNA HTTPS access proxy with ZTNA tags
  • ZTNA HTTPS access proxy with LDAPS authentication
  • ZTNA session-based form authentication
  • ZTNA access proxy with SAML authentication
  • ZTNA access proxy with SAML and MFA using FortiAuthenticator
  • ZTNA TCP forwarding access proxy
  • ZTNA IPv6 Support
  • ZTNA SSH access proxy with single authentication
  • Posture check verification for active ZTNA proxy session

Troubleshooting and Debugging

  • ZTNA troubleshooting and debugging

Endpoint Management


Learn different steps in on-boarding FortiClients to EMS for ZTNA

  • Invitations to connect to EMS
  • Deployment & Installers on EMS
  • Deploying FortiClient using Microsoft Intune mobile device management (MDM)

Management and Tagging Rules

Learn different aspects of managing endpoints and tagging rules to support ZTNA with FortiClient EMS

  • Using ZTNA Connection rules for TCP forwarding access proxy
  • Configuring Zero Trust Tagging Rules
  • Monitoring Zero Trust tags
  • Viewing Managed Endpoints
  • Provisioning ZTNA TCP forwarding rules via EMS
  • Endpoint Posture Check Reference Guide

NAC & On-Prem ZTNA

Applying On-Prem ZTNA Posture Check

Learn how ZTNA posture check can be applied to on-premise devices using ZTNA tags and NAC policies

  • ZTNA IP/MAC based access control for on-prem devices
  • Using FortiSwitch NAC Policies with EMS/ZTNA Tags for Posture Check
  • Using Wireless NAC Policies with EMS/ZTNA Tags for Posture Check