Quick Connection tool

The Quick Connection tool allows a user to connect to a resource when it is not a predefined bookmark. The tool allows the user to specify the type of server and the URL or IP address of the host.

To connect to a resource:
  1. Select the connection type.
  2. Enter the required information, such as the IP address or URL of the host.
  3. Click Launch.


In a VNC session, to send Ctrl+Alt+Del, press F8 then select Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

RDP sessions


Some Windows servers require that a specific security be set for RDP sessions, as opposed to the standard RDP encryption security. For example, Windows 10 requires that TLS be used.

You can specify a location option if the remote computer does not use the same keyboard layout as your computer by appending it to the Host field using the following format: <IP address> -m <locale>

The available options are: