FortiGate Cloud

FortiGate Cloud is a hosted security management and log retention service for FortiGate devices. It provides centralized reporting, traffic analysis, configuration management, and log retention without the need for additional hardware or software.

FortiGate Cloud offers a wide range of features:

  • Simplified central management

    FortiGate Cloud provides a central GUI to manage individual or aggregated FortiGate and FortiWiFi devices. Adding a device to the FortiGate Cloud management subscription is straightforward. FortiGate Cloud has detailed traffic and application visibility across the whole network.

  • Hosted log retention with large default storage allocated

    Log retention is an integral part of any security and compliance program, but administering a separate storage system is onerous. FortiGate Cloud takes care of this automatically and stores the valuable log information in the cloud. Different types of logs can be stored, including Traffic, System Events, Web, Applications, and Security Events.

  • Monitoring and alerting in real time

    Network availability is critical to a good end-user experience. FortiGate Cloud enables you to monitor your FortiGate network in real time with different alerting mechanisms to pinpoint potential issues. Alerting mechanisms can be delivered via email.

  • Customized or pre-configured reporting and analysis tools

    Reporting and analysis are your eyes and ears into your network’s health and security. Pre-configured reports are available, as well as custom reports that can be tailored to your specific reporting and compliance requirements. The reports can