FortiManager Cloud service

This cloud-based SaaS management service is available through FortiManager. This service is included in FortiCloud accounts with a FortiManager Cloud account level subscription (ALCI).

Configuring a per-device license

Once the FortiGate has acquired a contract named FortiManager Cloud, FortiCloud creates a cloud-based FortiManager instance under the user account. You can launch the portal for the cloud-based FortiManager from FortiCloud, and its URL starts with the User ID.

You can use a FortiGate with a contract for FortiManager Cloud to configure central management by using the FQDN of A FortiGate-FortiManager tunnel is established between FortiGate and the FortiManager instance.

After the tunnel is established, you can execute FortiManager functions from the cloud-based FortiManager portal.

To configure FortiManager Cloud central management:
  1. Enable FortiManager Cloud.
    1. Go to Security Fabric > Fabric Connectors and double-click the FortiManager card.
    2. For Status, click Enable.
    3. For Type, click FortiManager Cloud.
    4. Click OK.

      The FortiManager Cloud button can only be selected if you have a FortiManager Cloud product entitlement.<