FTP proxy

FTP proxies can be configured on the FortiGate so that FTP traffic can be proxied. When the FortiGate is configured as an FTP proxy, FTP client applications should be configured to send FTP requests to the FortiGate.

To configure explicit FTP proxy in the GUI:
  1. Enable and configure explicit FTP proxy:

    1. Go to Network > Explicit Proxy.

    2. Enable Explicit FTP Proxy.

    3. Select port2 as the Listen on Interfaces and set the HTTP Port to 21.

    4. Configure the Default Firewall Policy Action as needed.

    5. Click Apply.

  2. Create an explicit FTP proxy policy:

    1. Go to Policy & Objects > Proxy Policy.

    2. Click Create New.

    3. Set Proxy Type to FTP and Outgoing Interface to port1.

    4. Also set Source and Destination to all, Schedule to always, and A